Views from the Millennials

Give yourself time to learn, make mistakes, and understand them. The only one you are competing with is yourself. Your own path, your own success, is your road for you to define it. 

Millennial In Medicine: Jasmine - 1st Year Pediatrics Resident

After graduation, I gave myself about a week and a half off to rest my brain post finals. Then, the NCLEX studying began. 

Millennial In Medicine: Gabriela R.

"Why not push boundaries, challenge the status quo, share your resources, work to create an environment that is brave, and hold yourself to the highest standard"

Millennial In Medicine:  Ira M. -  MD/Ph.D. Candidate

I would make sure everything else for the week was done before, so I would only have to focus on/worry about the exam material. 

Millennial In Medicine: Gabriela R.

I think the number one most important quality you need to be a successful nursing student is ORGANIZED. 

Millennial In Medicine: Gabriela R.