Views from the Millennials

Why Family Medicine

Then as we go through our training we desire to become highly specialized and, at no fault of our own, begin unlearning what we spent all those earlier years reading, memorizing, and drilling into our minds.

Millennial In Medicine: Dr. Robinder B. M.D. M.A.

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Life is Good a Travel Nurse

Live your dreams, travel the world, wear pajamas, wear sneakers, save lives, make money, post on the gram about it and meet people along your journey. Become a travel (registered) nurse! 

Millennial In Medicine: Renard W. 


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Give yourself time to learn, make mistakes, and understand them. The only one you are competing with is yourself. Your own path, your own success, is your road for you to define it. 

Millennial In Medicine: Jasmine - 1st Year Pediatrics Resident

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