New Graduate Struggles

New Graduate Struggles

Millennials In Medicine: Lindsey J. RN.

           As a new graduate RN, no one can really describe the obstacles and barriers you will overcome within your first year as a nurse. When I graduated Magna Cum Laude, a dual sport athlete, and Resident Advisor, I thought this next step would be a breeze. Boy, was I wrong. Being the ripe age of twenty two years old, I had no idea the true burden and responsibilities nurses held on a day to day basis. The beginning was nothing short of rough. I spent a lot of nights crying going to and from the hospital. I stayed up all night and lived in a city far away from my family. I had no one to rely on but myself. I encountered nurse bullying, impossible standards of management, and verbal abuse from patients.

            In nursing school, we are taught that our job is prestigious and significant in the healthcare world. And anyone who’s ever been to the hospital, can truly tell you, we are. We are: phlebotomists, doctors, dietary, environmental, pharmacists, speech therapy, physical therapy, social workers, and patient care techs. I kid you not I have dipped into each of these jobs myself while only holding the title of RN behind my name. Nurses have become the ultimate middle man of medicine as result of hospitals consistent budget cuts and focus on profit. However, I digress.

            These past two years have been by far the most difficult in my life, but I am filled with pride any time someone asks what my profession is. To be the true support system of a patient and their family when they leave this earth is an honor I have never known. And for all of the days I have left my job in tears, there have also been moments of redemption when a patient tells me I have changed their life for the better. There is truly no profession that touches the intimacy of the nurse-patient bond.

            My advice to all of my new graduate healthcare professionals, is to truly be proud of the work that you do. There will be so many days where this world will try and tear you down. You have to remember who you are, and why you joined this profession in the work place. Always ask the question. Even if you think you look stupid, you are the hands that holds someone’s life. There will be days where you are frustrated beyond measure and going into work will seem impossible. Deep down you begin to realize there is a reason why so many people cannot do this job, but you can. Whether you believe in god, fate, or destiny there is a reason this profession chose you. Keep your compassion, this world needs it. Be kind and compassionate even when no one shows these sentiments in return. Take time for yourself, leave a job that doesn’t serve you, and remember that you are human too. Despite the continuous struggles you will face, please carry on. Our world depends on it.



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