Our Story


Millennials In Medicine - Mim Scrubs was founded in 2017, by Andrew at the end of his first year in Medical School.
As a Medical Student Andrew was required to wear scrubs whenever he was on campus, which also happens to be where he would spend most of his time studying. Frequently finding himself buried in textbooks, references, and PDF’s for hours on end in the library he quickly realized that scrubs aren’t exactly designed for use outside of the practice – and especially not in the library. Andrew also a sneaker collector found that when he wasn’t studying, he would typically wear his normal combination of joggers and sneakers. Instantly, a spark lit in his mind, and he thought about a new type of scrubs, Jogger Scrubs – ones that were more comfortable, slim fitting, stylish, and most importantly made with an Incredibly Soft material perfect for the long days in the library or hospital. 


By placing a new emphasis on design, style, and functionality, 

 We look to bring a more modern look to the next generation of medical professionals.

Today, Mim Scrubs is focused on continuing to bring a more modern aesthetic to the medical field and to medical apparel. The goal is to inspire younger generations to become medical professionals and to pursue degrees and careers in healthcare. By making medical apparel more functional outside of the hospital or office, more comfortable, and most importantly, more stylish, Mim Scrubs is prepared to bring Millennials into medicine.






Our Mission is Simple


 – We’re not only looking to provide modernized Jogger Scrubs for the next generation of Healthcare Professionals – instead, we’re also focused on making medicine appealing again to younger generations.

Millennials are the generations of the future, and by engaging with them today, and by connecting with them on a deeper level than ever before, we can work together to attract young minds to healthcare, so that they can play a role in designing the cures, treatments, and medical devices of the future.   






Our Vision

We like to envision ourselves as more than just a medical fashion brand – in our eyes, we’re a brand made by medical professionals, for medical professionals. We see the value in reaching out to the younger generations, and we hope that our new jogger scrubs can bring new minds into our world, so that we can build the future of medicine with the help of today’s millennial generations.






   At the very top of our list, we remain committed to quality.

As true healthcare professionals, our focus is always on the patient. But with Mim Scrubs, our focus is always on our customers. We want to ensure that satisfaction isn’t just expected, but that it’s guaranteed

Our high quality Medical Jogger Scrubs are made from premium material to provide the ultimate level of comfort and functionality for the full time healthcare professional or for the aspiring student.