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The Mentoring Minorities Medicine (M3) Scholarship was designed to support minority students applying to medical school through the funding of the MCAT, an MCAT prep course, and medical school application fees. 

M3 Scholarship Application

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Mentoring Minorities in Medicine Non-Profit Organization & Millennials In Medicine have raised over $6,000 towards our 2021 Scholarship. 100% of the donations will be used towards the scholarship recipient's MCAT, MCAT prep course, and medical school application fees. We are excited to have selected a recipient for 2021 and are currently preparing for our next cycle.

Growing up Black in America often comes with various challenges. Our communities experience disparities from birth in the areas of health, education, access to vital resources, and employment to name the least. This disparity is very apparent in the medical field. Out of all the physicians in the U.S., a mere 5% identify as African-American or Black. It is our duty as physicians to actively work towards increasing this number. It is well-known that several underrepresented minority students do not have the luxury of preparing for medical school with the same resources, guidance or support as their non-minority counterparts. This Scholarship and Non Profit Organization was designed to alleviate the financial burdens associated with the application process while encouraging minority pre-medical students to continue striving towards a career in medicine. The scholarship recipient will be selected by a committee of resident and attending physicians after completing all requirements of the application process. The recipient will also be connected with medical student and physician mentors based on specialty  interest and other commonalities. 

No amount or contribution is too little! Thank you for your consideration, selfless contributions, and sharing of this initiative with your networks - we are eternally grateful! 

For aspiring  physicians that have shown a true passion and commitment to medicine.  Open to all residents of the United States.

1.    Currently applying or reapplying to medical school
2.   Must be considered an underrepresented minority in their respective field 

Application Requirements: 
1.    Personal Statement 
2.    Resume
3.    Two Letters of Recommendation
4.    Official transcripts including undergraduate, graduate, secondary degrees and/or science related prerequisite courses

- 100% of the donations will be used toward the recipient's MCAT, MCAT prep course, and medical school application fees
-The recipient will also receive mentorship from the M3 Team composed of attendings, residents and upperclassmen medical students.
-Application cycle will open on September 1st 2020. The deadline to apply is January 30th, 2021.
- Finalists will be required to participate in a secondary interview that may be performed virtually or by video submission.

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