Views from the Millennials

My laryngeal nerve was also paralyzed as a result of the procedure and I had no voice for about 2 months. I had to undergo voice therapy sessions, and one day my voice returned. I was accepted to PA school on the day of my procedure! This great news provided me with the encouragement to heal knowing that my dream career lies ahead. 

By Millennial In Medicine: Trishanna S

Ophthalmologist, Optometrist, and Optician – so many O’s! Who is who? Who does what?

Millennial In Medicine -  Angelica S. OD3

To say nursing school did not prepare me to work 40 different jobs is an understatement. I never thought I would be on my own, holding a patient’s hand so they weren’t alone when they passed. I never thought I would save someone’s life and be responsible for any subtle sign of deterioration, but then again, here we are.

Millennials In Medicine: Lindsey J. RN.

Take a break, don’t lose sight of who you are, do something that makes you happy and do it with all your might. Yes, you are a medical professional, just don’t forget everything else you are too!

Millennial In Medicine: Nicole F. 3rd Yr Dental Student 

TeleMedicine does not negate the fact that you still need to see your doctor in person for various reasons that cannot be addressed over a Telemedicine appointment; However if patients have blood pressure monitors or thermometers you can collect vitals while the patient is in the comfort of their own home.

By Dr. Robinder B. MD MA CCFP ABFM

So you’ve taken your board exams, updated your CV with all your research, volunteer hours, and extracurricular activities, and narrowed down your selection to one, maybe two, specialties that you want to pursue. Now what?

Millennial In Medicine: Brian F.

Is it crazy to dream? Is preposterous to have goals and ambition and to accomplish them? Or have you ever been told “No this is not realistic for you”, “You can’t do this”, or maybe “the odds of you doing this is very slim”? Well, it is all I heard my whole life.

Millennial In Medicine: Adedeji O. 4th Year Medical Student.

“Why optometry?” It is the question I always get when people find out I am an optometry student. To be honest, I find it difficult to begin the explanation for my passion for the field, so I ask: “If you could only choose 1 of the 5 basic senses the human body has (smell, touch, taste, vision, hearing), which one would it be?”

Millennial In Medicine: Angelica C. Optometry Student

At first nobody was taking the Coronavirus very seriously, however shortly after a few cases presented at my hospital the cardiothoracic floor that I’ve been assigned to at Northside Hospital was transformed into a dedicated Covid 19 facility.

Millennial In Medicine, Benjamin - First Year Cardiothoracic Nurse


Like many of you reading this, I have struggled with mental health challenges in my life. Perhaps the most important decision I made was to introduce myself to the gym, using it as a form of stress relief. I fell in love with the way I felt mentally, and the positive effect it had on my self esteem.

Millennial In Medicine: Amber G. RN, BScN 

The best advice I could give any parent interested in medicine is to gauge your own potential and desires before agreeing to others’ interpretation of them. 

Millennial In Medicine: Lauren C.