Organization is Key!

Organization is Key!

By Millennial In Medicine: Gabriela R. @thenursegab

I think the number one most important quality you need to be a successful nursing student is ORGANIZED. If I was not organized during nursing school, I don’t think I would have survived. First things first, have all your syllabi printed out, and become familiar with the schedule for each class. Look at when assignments/projects are due, exam dates, etc. I love using a highlighter to highlight important dates in the syllabus, for exams and assignments due.

GET AN AGENDA BOOK! In nursing school, my agenda book was my best friend lol. I personally liked agenda books that had enough room/lines per day in order to write down multiple things needed to be accomplished. I would write down exams I had in advanced and then highlight them in my agenda book. I would also write down when assignments are due, and on that specific day put, Ex: “NURSING CARE PLAN DUE TODAY”, and highlight it obviously, because highlighting is life. You can also use a different highlighter color for a each specific class, to make it even more organized. (That might be extra for some of you, but for me it worked)

It’s also important to spread out your assignments over the week, so you’re not cramming everything over the weekend, and leaving less studying time because you didn’t complete your weekly assignments. If you are a procrastinator, then you may struggle more than others if you are not willing to change your ways. Put in your agenda each day what you want to accomplish when you get home from class that day. I even put personal plans in my agenda including doctor appointments, gym days, nail appointments, lunch plans, etc. This is how you stay organized with your class life, social life, personal care life. But getting your school work done is always first, before social plans.

You can be as organized as you want, but some weekends you will have to accept the fact that you will not be going out and partying. That’s just how it is sometimes. You might have three exams the following week, and need to sacrifice your social life. Having plans with your friends and going out is a “reward” in nursing school. Finishing assignments, studying your notes, and acing your exams comes first. You are never missing out in life, when you are getting your stuff together! Pain is temporary, a nursing degree is forever.

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