Funny Things We can't forget about Medical School

Funny Things We can't forget about Medical School


In the first year of med school, a lecturer told our class that the two most memorable days of the program are your first day and graduation day; everything else that occurs in-between is just a bonus. And what a mighty bonus it is! Medical school is definitely filled with lots of jokes, tears and of course sleepless nights; however, all these and more are what makes the experience a highly memorable one for every medical doctor.


 In this post, we will share six few hilarious  things we can't seem to be able to forget about medical school.

  1. Students who swear they are going to fail an exam and always end up getting straight A’s

Let’s face it, medical students are quite brilliant and annoying! But they also seem to get extremely paranoid whenever exam season approaches. There would always be a set of students (my girlfriend inclusive) who swear they’re going to fail a particular exam because they think they didn’t prepare enough. The crazy thing however, is the fact that they would always get an A! I really hate those people. Lol! If you think you’ll do well just be honest or don’t say anything at all! If you think you’re going to fail, I’d prefer you actually fail than get an A, I don’t know, maybe I’m overreacting but I just really hate liars lol


The most popular Med school word is “gunner” (describing people who always did the most and tried to outshine others; e.g. my friend 007). I still remember one day of our first year; 007 was leaving the library and said he was done studying for the day and would meet me back at the crib. I decided to extend my study time and leave my spot in the library so I could move to our 24hr study library (the annex), and there he was gunning! That’s exactly how he got his name 007, GUNNERS smh, like I said earlier I hate liars lol and people who always eat McDonalds aka my friend 007.


  1. The many all-nighters

How can we forget to mention the most popular occurrence in every medical school? All-nighters and sleepless nights are definitely woven into the very core fabric of all medical schools. I can’t forget our block 3 final exam week. We had one exam each day of the week; so five exams in total. By Thursday, our tank was on E as we didn’t sleep more than 4 hours the entire time. I was studying until midnight, going home to take a nap until 2:30 and heading back to the library for an 8am exam. As a result, I found myself falling asleep in all of the mandatory classes that week and I’d wake up to snapchat videos of me dozing away which my classmates thought was hilarious. What’s worse is I actually have a sleep disorder. You know who you are but to everyone who has a snapshot of me asleep, you guys are going to be horrible doctors. Who picks on the handicapped? only SCUM that’s who lol!


  1. Listening to all the jokes and experiences of lecturers

A great part of each lecture was listening to their various experiences and just being fascinated by the medical world. Some lecturers shared really funny experiences, and some really boring. We had one professor let’s just call him “Dr. If” who seemed to have a story for almost every disease pathology he taught. It was cool at first and a bit eye opening, but after a while it just became really annoying…like, Bruh! have you really personally seen EVERY disease?!

  1. Medical Student Syndrome--- When you think you have the strange disease you learned about in class

Medical school definitely makes you a little bit extreme when it comes to diagnosing your symptoms. You might have a headache and slight fever, and you'll be thinking you have the weirdest, extremely rare disease your professor taught that week. My girlfriend for instance, would have a little cough for about two days and she’ll conclude she’s suffering from small cell lung cancer which was absurd because, first off, she doesn’t smoke so that makes no sense at all, but she was totally convinced she had the disease. All those lectures and tests definitely leaves you a bit paranoid, about whatever changes your body might be experiencing. 100% crazy half the time but it makes us who we are.


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